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Compiling stingray


The configure script should list any missing requirement. Here is a non-exhaustive list of required dependencies :


make install

Configure script is not distributed precompiled (hence the until we have a stable release channel.

Configure options

Stingray already provides a range of configure options. Much are feature-flags which may or may not be included in the default release. It helps keep the codebase tidy with isolated features, while encouraging contribution.

Here is a comprehensive list of major options, considered stable :


default : enabled. Disable with --disable-modules

Disable libltdl and dynamic modules loading. Be aware that only keyboard and (if enabled) mouse control will be available in this mode.

mouse control

default : disabled. Enable with --enable-mouse

allow playback speed to be controlled by the mouse right/left movement.


default : disabled. Enable with --enable-autoexit

Exit stingray after a few seconds of inactivity. Inactivity is calculated as “time with no change in playback speed”.